About the company MHS TEAM AT

MHS Team AT Ltd. is the successor of the SZR MIKRON, founded by Rodoljub Trifunovic in 1981, after leaving FRA Cacak. Company’s original activity was hard chrome plating. With its knowledge and contribution, the company gains confidence of the greatest and most renowned companies of that time. After three years of gaining experience in the field of repairing machine parts with the technology of chrome galvanization and with the development of machine processing, the company applies its knowledge and experience in the field of hydraulics which is its area of business up to date. 

Long term persistence and market presence, are the best guarantee of our quality, which we also confirm with our one-year written guarantee for generally serviced devices.

Today, after four decades of presence and 30 years experience of servicing hydraulic devices, MHS Team AT Ltd. has 30 employees. We employ 21  highly skilled worker, three mechanical engineers and six mechanical engineers by education.

A word from our CEO

With our knowledge, experience and hard work, we have ensured our position of the leading company in the domain of projecting, installation and maintenance of hydraulic systems and servicing of hydraulic devices, in the domestic market. We have built a name which is recognizable beyond our borders. We will continue to invest in our equipment and professional improvement of our employees with the same intensity, in order to enable a continuous growth and keep the high level of quality of our products and services.

Aleksandar Trifunović

The owner of the MHS TEAM AT

What makes us stand out compared to our competition?

  • 4,000 serviced devices per year
  • 10,000 satisfied clients
  • Long term experience
  • Modern equipment
  • Care for the needs and satisfaction of our clients
  • Constant training of our employees
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